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There are many different ways you can volunteer at the state level.

South Dakota Tech Career Contests

Contest Judges

These are usually people from Industry who help on the day of the contest.  The judges work with the contest committee to evaluate the students performance during the contest. Each year we are seeking industry help to judge our state contests.

Contest Committee

The Committee is also made up of Industry partners.  The committee takes the technical standards from the national level and creates the state contest. The committee will try to a line the state contest the best they can with the national contests to help prepare students for the next level of competition. In addition the committee is responsible for securing industry related prizes for 1st,  2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Contest Coordinator

The contest Coordinator is typically the instructors at the host technical institutes. The contest coordinator will work with th contest committee to secure the resources and facility needed to put on the contests. Ideally the contest coordinator would not help set up station, or any materials for the contest.  The contest coordinator should not have access to the contests information as the coordinator may have some of their own students who are  competing in the contest. The contest Coordinator is the facilities manager for this contests. making sure that the shop has the necessary tools and equipment that the contest committee is seeking.


These are past student members or professional members who wish to give back to the organization. The Alumni may help with contest committees, State officer team, contest Judging, or Courtesy Corps.

At this time volunteers do not receive any type of stipend or payment. SkillsUSA South Dakota will provided a 1099 to the individual or Industry Partners for their In-Kind Donation, supply and equipment donations, or prize donations.